Gary Jenkins


Mount Mitchell serves regional educators and homeschoolers as a valuable outdoor classroom where students engage in hands-on learning activities in a variety of subjects including, history, geography, geology, biology, astronomy and civics. To date, classes from area school districts including USDs 320, 329, 330 and 383 have utilized the Park’s resources.

Local and national history and culture come alive at the Park. While standing on its summit students learn about the Native American culture that considered the hilltop a sacred place. They can experience walking on the route of the Underground Railroad in the footsteps of African American freedom-seekers, and learn about local events leading up to the Civil War. These same ruts and swales of the Topeka Fort Riley Road were made by early trappers, explorers, settlers, and countless others who traveled westward for a new life.

Lesson plans are under development and will cover:

  • The Underground Railroad in Kansas
  • Territorial Kansas
  • Tallgrass Prairie
  • The Area’s Geology
  • The Exoduster Movement
  • Native American Culture

The Kansas Network To Freedom
Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie Park
An Overview Of The Geology Of The Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie

The Park is open year round, dawn to dusk. Removal of plants and animals from the Park is strictly forbidden.